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What Is The Yoni Eggs Kegel Exercise ?
Jul 14, 2017

What is the Kegel Exercise?

The Kegel exercise is the exercise of the pelvic floor muscles, the levator ANI muscle exercise, the contraction of the anus, which is the ability of the patient to consciously internally contract the pelvic floor muscles in order to enhance the ability to control urine. Thirty to sixty percent of patients with this exercise improved in varying degrees, and light patients could be cured.

What are the cautions in the Kegel campaign?

1) correctly grasp methods to avoid contracting gluteus maximus and abs, and focus on training the muscle strength around the vagina and anus;

2) the muscles should be completely relaxed between two contractions.

3) use different posture exercises, lie, sit, stand, find the position that you think is easiest to do, and continue to train;

4) return to hospital 6-8 weeks to evaluate efficacy. The key is to be correct and persistent.

What is the operating point of the Kegel movement?

Repeated tighten the anus, advanced governor and continuous contraction, then relax, when the duration of each contraction can reach more than 3 seconds, then quickly, and long slow contraction interval training. Time schedule: 15-30 minutes for a group of training, daily 2-3 group exercise. Morning, afternoon, morning, afternoon and evening groups. Do not deliberately group, do 150-200 times per day, 6-8 weeks for a course of treatment.

What are the rehabilitation training for pelvic floor muscle group?

Pelvic floor muscle group rehabilitation training: pelvic floor exercises: levator ANI exercises (i.e., contractile anus), each contraction for more than 10 seconds, at least 15 ~ 30, 3 times a day. The pectineus muscle exercises the active interrupt urination in the process of urination, followed by repeated exercise of urination, which is helpful for the recovery of the urethral sphincter function. Bladder function exercise: urinate at the prescribed time and gradually extend the time interval of urination to gradually increase bladder capacity; The sensory stimulation of the bladder is controlled by consciousness, and the control of the cerebral cortex is reconstructed with the function of the bladder, reducing the number of urination to 3 to 4 hours per time. (3) pelvic biological feedback treatment: according to the size of the patient's vagina respectively in different specifications of the vaginal cone, let patients contracting vagina its holding it, and gradually increase the weight of the cone, in order to enhance patients with vaginal contraction force. Biological feedback therapy can be an external pressure measuring device, with the vagina contraction force measurement, and through pressure device screen to patients, intuitively guide patients to master proper shrinkage method and improve the effect of pelvic floor exercise. These methods are simple and effective, and can reach 70% ~ 100% after 3-6 months without any side effects.

Yoni Eggs is good choice for kegel exercise.