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The Types Of Rock
Jan 09, 2017


Also known as soft water amethyst, water softener luxur, fluorite. Stone for yellow, green, blue, purple, etc. With vitreous luster, heating with fluorescent now, after the broken stone slag can be used as a filter in the filter material. In the industrial production often used for smelting metal materials and manufacture of fluoride, can also be processed into low-grade jade. Origin of jinhua, zhejiang, jiangxi nickelodeon, hebei LongHua.


Actual tail ore for copper, green color and luster, like a peacock's tail on the end of circular design, so its name. With copper ions will slowly dissolve in the water, help to supplement water plant's need for copper, but do not put too much or too large, in order to prevent the excess of copper.

Furong stone

Nickname south jade, rose quartz. Rose, light red and white. The main composition is sio2. From Inner Mongolia, shanxi.

Petrified wood

Also known as the silicon fossils, tree fossil. Jurassic trees 150 million years ago by the crustal movement and buried volcanic ash, turned into fossils. Such as gray, tan, brown and black. Petrified wood in the aquarium can incisively and vividly showing the history of the vicissitudes of life, more petrified wood itself is the original organic matter, after one hundred million years of evolution and become the inorganic matter, its appearance has kept the outline of the trees, and even can clearly see the rings from cross section, is can't be matched by any other rocks.

Biotite flaky

Is mica ore, black silk. Main composition of biotite, with clay, acidic volcanic rock in rock, siltstone, or composition. Compact structure, fine. Across the country have distribution.

La stone

Is composed of acidic volcanic rock and tuff, texture is like jade, yellow, light yellow and white. Are distributed in the south of the Yangtze river in China.

Scales stone

Also known as tiger skin, loose PiShi. In its color, green, yellow and more miscellaneous, hue with white spots and rims. From zhejiang changxing county. Is composed of limestone, should not be used in the aquarium.


Dark gray to black with white or grey stripe. Named after the deep native to guangdong German, which is also called Britain.

Chrysanthemum stone

In the end of white, gray or dark purple, there are chrysanthemum shape pattern. Which are found in liuyang, hunan province.

Being one of stone

Brown, stone shape eccentric to play treasures. From being in shaanxi province.

Turtle grain stone

Also known as the wind fossils. By all sorts of gravel aggregate, color photograph miscellaneous, ditches and grain. Is mainly composed of carboniferous rocks, the calcium will slowly with the water, the water quality to harden. Therefore should not be used in aquatic animals. But it can be used in water plant landscape in Africa. Chongqing gele mountain, TuShan produced in sichuan.

LingBi stone

Also called Qing stone. Stone is hard, tapping into the sweet crisp the name. Has the color such as black, white, green, brown, marble class. Which are found in lingbi stone mountain in anhui.

Kunshan stone

Rock hard, with grooves and holes. There are yellow, white two colors. Made in jiangsu kunshan county, ma on shan.


White luster. Rock hard grooves. Originated in anhui xuancheng.

Sand flaky

Sand is also called the rubble. Stone for the grey color, yellow, green etc. Stone is hard, have grooved holes, plate shaped. Originated in western sichuan.

Qianceng stone

Young black and white flake rock alternate with overlap, rock hard. Which are found in taihu lake in jiangsu.

The pebbles

With all sorts of color. Originated in the river, large and small can be used for African type aquatic plants landscape.