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The Source Of The Crystal Skull
Jan 09, 2017

The crystal skull is more information from legend, died of human skull and a combination of beautiful crystal to add a lot of mystery.

The original inhabitants of Mexico Aztec useful materials such as stone, bone, wood carving the custom of the skull, referred to as the "death". Some of them are carved with crystal, exaggeration, abstract shape, style is consistent, and are generally small.Such as the British museum has two were identified as belonging to "the ancient Mexico" small skull, a small one is carved out of talc, big one is carved out of the crystal, height is 1.25 inches. Both have perforation, the estimate is when beads or charms. A museum in Paris is in possession of a crystal skull, skull is true about half the size, the French experts believe is the aztecs made in 14 or 15 century.But this is not a mystery or a "new era" of the crystal skull advocates said. Their idea of the crystal skull, with real human skull size, style, realistic, lifelike, is said to be the Maya of holy, and have a mysterious power.The British museum in possession of two and a museum of the crystal skull in Paris, according to scientists, the crystal of the material is not the aztecs use crystal materials made by hand, at that time also confirmed that tracks and build tools was forged in 17-18 th-century grinding wheel.