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The Myth Of The Crystal Skull
Jan 09, 2017

"The mystery of the crystal skull," said, according to the council handed down, a total of 52. The Maya have 13, other sacred spread all over the world, including many other native American tribes, including Tibet and Australian aboriginal tribes. But has been less than 52, because of the book: in Guatemala, a village, the village of the natives of the crystal skull showed the priest and the priest said to be the devil, and then put the crystal skull shattered.Book: 12 skull mandibular can activity, known as the "singing" skull, stored inside a lot of knowledge, is alien to the earth from Sirius with gifts. In order to assist the spread of knowledge, aliens on earth, and made a 40 mandibular skull can't activities, called "talking skull.

Have circulated a legend of American indians in the ancient myth: in ancient times there are 13 of the crystal skull, can speak, can sing. These crystal skull hidden information about human origins and death, can help mankind to unlock the mysteries of life. According to legend, people must before December 21, 2012, to find all the skull. The day is already circulating in 5126 the end of the mayan calendar. 13 unless skull together and put in the correct location, otherwise will fly away from the axis of earth. Only do that, the skull of the supernatural power to save the earth.