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The Classification Of Semi-precious Stones
Jan 09, 2017

Garnet is a kind of precious stones, and English name to use Garnet Garnet, "Granatum" evolved from Latin, meaning "as a seed. Garnet crystals with pomegranate seeds is similar to the shape, color, so the name "garnet.

Also known as Tourmaline, Tourmaline English name Tourmaline, from the ancient sinhalese language (Ceylon) Turmali derived, the word means "hybrid jewel". Of tourmaline of gem grade value produced in almost all white grain granite, and the home of the tourmaline distribution is very wide, but now on the market of tourmaline are mostly from Brazil, the other, Kenya and Tanzania, Madagascar, mozambique, namibia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Italy, the United States of California and myanmar (Burma), even with China's xinjiang and yunnan.

Piece name from the Greek "rhodon" and "chrosis", meaning the color for rose; Rhodochrosite, a word comes from two Greek words, respectively, the Rose (Rose) and Color (Color), as a token of its special Color. Piece first originated in Argentina, it is "the stone", "the Inca rose (IncaRose)" alias. This is a native South American Indian, believe in their ancient ancestors, the holy one, big wisdom after the reincarnation, its noble and pure energy will such gems.

Agate is one of buddhist shippo, since the ancient times have been when things, amulet use for to ward off bad luck, the symbol of friendly love and hope, can help eliminate stress, fatigue, such as polluted air amount of negative performance.