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The Basic Properties Of The Crystal
Jan 09, 2017

The basic properties of the crystal is determined by its chemical composition and crystal structure, constitute the basis of the scientific appraisal.

(1) the name of minerals, mineral name for quartz crystal.

(2) the chemical composition, the chemical composition of crystal is sio2, crystal also contains trace amounts of Al, Tt, Fe plasma and present different color.

(3) the morphology, crystal belongs to trigonal system, crystal rhombohedron, hexagonal prism and three sides of the double cone shape and crystal on the cylinder often development with horizontal stripes.

(4) the transparency, the transparency of crystal and its color, colorless crystalline transparency is very high, as the color deepened and reduce transparency.

(5) the luster, crystal is a typical glass luster, fracture in oily luster.

(6), hardness, crystal hardness is larger and more stable, the Hm = 7.

(7), relative density, relative density is lower and the stability of the crystal, the value of 2.65.

(8) the refractive index, crystal refractive index is stable, the refractive index value of 1.544 to 1.544, double refractive index value of 0.009, gem low dispersion.

(9) the color, the color of the crystal is rich, often shows colorless, purple, yellow, green, pink, brown and black color, crystal most dichroism, only amethyst has obvious dichroism.

(10) inclusion features, the crystal, with irregular flocculent gas and liquid two phase inclusions. Saw a tiger in the amethyst striate rift inclusions; Development is in fine shape, fibrous amphibole, tourmaline, goethite and mineral inclusions.

(11) Special optical effect the solid inclusion and gas liquid crystal inclusions are arranged orientation will produce six shooting star effect, cat's eye effect waiting for optical effect.