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Stone Carving Traditional Features
Jul 10, 2017

Temple of ancient architecture is a traditional feature of China, Stone Carving in ancient times, almost every city will have a temple to worship their patron saint and the majority of the city will have many temples built to worship the other, and to the modern, Into a place of worship. Stone Carving The temple is the conversion of people's religious beliefs, but also the convergence of history and culture. The ancient building of the temple is often used as a decorative stone stone carvings, and now look at the temples under the ancient building used in the stone products.

With a variety of stone to shape, Stone Carving to create a certain space of visual, touchable architectural ornaments, to reflect the social life, the expression of meaning. Stone arch not only the building structure from a grid, unique style, and set carving, painting, plaque and art calligraphy and calligraphy in one, melting the ancients of the concept of social life, feudal ethical code, feudal traditional moral values, Stone Carving ancient folk Folk in a furnace, with a magnificent artistic charm, high aesthetic value and rich and profound historical and cultural connotations. Each stone arch is a stone carving crafts. Chinese traditional stone carving techniques round carving, through carving, high relief, bas-relief, flat relief, Yin Yin carved, sculpture in the stone arch are widely used.

Is the traditional building of the Chinese nation, has a long history. Stone Carving Cylindrical body through a curl cloud dragon, the column across a beautiful cloud plate,Stone Carving like clouds inserted into the cloud. Stone Carving The top of the plate on the crouch of the beast, lifelike.

Is an ornament that is often used in traditional Chinese architecture. Stone lions majestic, mighty domineering, the town demons drive evil, Qi Yu-sheng wealth. Stone Carving Chinese traditional Chinese culture in the stone lions is one of the common evil spirits.

[Incense burner] for the Chinese people, is the most familiar. Stone Carving It is not only the Buddhist monasteries in the Buddhist temple, but also the Chinese family in the necessary supply. Chinese culture developed very early, the ancient people, often to incense incense wood room to deodorant, Stone Carving so the ancients read the piano, like the first incense, you can make the spirit of concentration. It is the virtue of the Chinese people, so since ancient times, the Chinese have worshiped the gods and gods, Stone Carving sacrificed their ancestors; Shangxiang expressed respect, is a major project in the worship ceremony, incense burners come in handy.

For a kind of rectangular table placed in front of the hall, the height is about the same as the square table. Sacrifice often for the provision of incense burner, Stone Carving wax pole and display supplies, hence the name for the table. Often with the natural number, eight cents table and two "single seat", Stone Carving or a pair of armchairs constitute a group of furniture. In the temple temple for the table is essential. In the production of materials for the table, the stone for the table is more elegant style, simple and natural, Stone Carving beautiful and generous, beautifully carved heart, and stone for the table is also more durable.

Stone lanterns is also a kind of plastic arts, Stone Carving is to use a variety of stone to create a certain space of visual, touchable works of art. Stone lantern is a traditional lighting equipment in East Asia, Stone Carving from China, the earliest prototype of China's time for the Buddha lights.

[Stone railings] in China, said the ancient Lanna, also known as hook Lanna, Stone Carving is the bridge and building safety facilities. Stone railings often installed in the platform around the bridge on both sides of the stairs on both sides of the pillars on both sides of the pavilion around the pavilion, Stone Carving etc., play a protective role, but also can be used to split the space. Especially in the garden building, the stone railings are the most essential, both can block the enclosure, the different areas separated; Stone Carving and will not cut the link between the various regions, stone railings on the carved patterns The role of the environment.