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Stone Carving The Difference Of Chinese And Western
Sep 08, 2017

Stone carving, refers to in a variety of carving, carved stones, and create a certain space is visible and touchable art image, so as to reflect the social life, to express the artist's aesthetic feeling and the art of aesthetic emotion and aesthetic ideal

The design of stone carving is a variety of techniques, can be divided into relief sculpture, the round carving, the sunken carving, the shadow carving, the carving, the relief.

1. Relief. That is to carve on the surface of the stone surface of the three-dimensional sense of the image, is the sculpture of a half standing body shape. The image is embossed on the surface of the stone. According to the depth of the stone, it is divided into shallow relief and high relief. The shallow relief is a single - level statue, the content is more single, there is no hollow-out. The high relief is a multi-level image, the content is more complicated, more can be used to carve the hollow, more attractive. The relief is mostly used for the decoration of the walls of buildings, as well as the dragon pillars and drums of temples. The imperial palace in Beijing is embossed.

2. It is a three-dimensional modeling art of monomers, and each surface of the stone is required to be processed, and the process can be made with hollowed-out techniques and finely chopped axes. Such a lot of more phyletic, most as a single stone sculpture, there are also made up by many blocks of stone, these promote miniature carved body developed many products, some small stone of the fruit, some as thin as a cicada, more wonderful artical excelling nature, known as "sculpture". This kind of product is completely out of the building practical and become pure handicraft, because small and more convenient to carry, for the commemorative treasure, the development prospect is very good.

3. Carving. Also known as "wire carving", it is the art of "water grinding and settling flowers". Such carving method of absorption and meaning, overlapping, Chinese painting line model of scatter perspective traditional brushwork, such as stone after plane processing polishing, to depict the pattern of text, and then according to the figure carved lines, with line thickness extent, make use of the shadow show stereo feeling. Most of these products are used for exterior surface decoration of buildings and have strong artistic quality.

4. New arts and crafts developed on the basis of the early "black and white" technology. The earliest works were not created by huian artists in the 1960s, because the works were based on photographs, so they were called "shadow carving". This jade carvings in crystal lake engraved sawed into tablet as material, the surface polishing, first using its cut cut can show the characteristics of white spots, with nozzle tool to cut out the size, depth, density, different micro point, only the different levels of black and white, make the image display, not only exquisite lifelike, and unique charm, is a stone to the development of pure art, opened up a new path for stonework production.

5. Carving. The engraving is a form of sculpture, also known as hollowed-out carving, which means that the parts of the stone that are not represented in the material are hollowed out, and the parts that can display the image are left behind. Engraving is a technique developed in the round carving, which is the shou stone carving technique which displays the three-dimensional space. It was developed from the traditional Chinese stone carving process. Ancient stonemasons often carved dragons with stone balls. The dragon ball is stripped from the original stone material, bigger than the dragon mouth, rolling in the mouth without slipping out. The "bead" of the activity in the dragon knob is the simplest carving.

6. Transmission. In embossed works, the protruding image part is retained, and the back part is partially hollowed out. The similarities and differences between the carvings and the carvings and the chain carvings show that all three have penetrability, but the back of the carvings shows in the form of the screen, which has a single crystal and two sides. The single face is engraved only on the front, and the two sides are engraved on both sides of the image. Whether single or double-sided, there is an essential difference between the carving and chain carving, which is that the carving and the chain carving are all carved in the whole aspect of 360 degrees, not the front or the front. Therefore, the engraving and chain carvings belong to the round carving techniques, and the relief is an extension of the relief technique.

The difference of Chinese and western

There is a fundamental difference between the public and the public

Stone practitioners in the west is called stone house, with the painter, artist is looked at as a group, while in China stone workers, known as artisans, low social status, they only referred to as general ordinary practitioners, and even unskilled workman. With inflows of western stone, the stone practitioners were identification, stone is listed as an important part of the fine arts, China's stone home status was promoted, only increased the social public identification of the stone house. This is one of the reasons why western stone carving is different from Chinese stone carving.

On a practical level

In modern times, although Chinese stone carvings and western stone carvings are very similar in the form of creation, they have a very different social responsibility. In China, the stone carvings are still part of the traditional division of labor, whose primary duty is to build statues of temples and to carve stones for buildings. On the one hand, they don't have free space to create independently.

From the aspects such as the representation object and the space of the work

Their work lacks the ability to get involved in social reality. In the west, in the "studio" free creative stone sculpture can use the works to express the observation of the society, the work force is not weaker than the contemporary painters. Accepted all set pieces, profit from western stone, the work can enter various modern society the public space, such as square, street, park, his works will naturally attract the public attention. This is another reason why western stone carving is different from Chinese stone carving.