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Stone Carving Structure And Appearance
Oct 17, 2017

Stone Tombstone is the use of natural stone imitation of the house or Palace made out of the shape of a "carving art", then, to use what stone produced by the effect will be better, cost-effective? This is not only consumers care, but also the tombstone manufacturers care. For consumers, thinking is more idealistic, always want both good-looking and affordable tombstone products. Obviously, to understand this product, Stone Carving first of all to the industry to have a certain understanding of the product, want to buy a high cost-effective stone tombstone, we must have a certain understanding of stone.

There are many natural stones in our life, however, due to the different ways and regions, there will be obvious differences in the internal structure and appearance color. Stone Carving Commonly used in carving of natural stone has these major categories: sandstone, granite, marble, Jade class. These four categories of stone in appearance and internal structure there are obvious differences, each category is subdivided into hundreds of varieties, the appearance of different varieties and sales prices have a greater difference. Therefore, Stone Carving it is not an easy task to find the stone carving tombstone for high cost performance.

Huian has a reputation as a stone carving, whether in the creation of products or carving techniques and the use of creative elements have this very mature system, so in Fujian Huian custom set in line with their own mind and cost-effective stone tombstone is not difficult. Cost-effective is to meet the needs of consumers on tombstone styling quality requirements after the relatively low price, that is, inexpensive. In fact, Stone Carving want to know that the price of the stone is relatively high, as long as a little observation of the Huian each big stone tombstone factory doorway display or showroom sales of the models will know. Granite Stone Tombstone is one of the highest cost-effective tombstone carving, a wide range of granite, according to the specific needs of consumers to determine.

Stone tombstone using granite stone carving, in ensuring its effect and quality, but also greatly control the cost. And granite in the Huian reserves are very rich, can be directly from the province mining, not only the fineness of the stone can be guaranteed, but also greatly reduce the cost and time of transportation. The most important part of the production cost of stone tombstone is the cost of materials, which can save a lot of costs.

Stone tombstone the appearance of the color of the product by the customer requirements, granite color colorful, light a red on the subdivision of stone species. Stone Carving such as India red, magic color red and so on. Stone Carving The color of these stone appearance is different, the shape is various, the stone carving tombstone that makes of the stones is not the same. The rich stone type, gives the consumer more choice the space, satisfies the consumer more demand.