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Stone Carving Good Use Of Patterns
Nov 03, 2017

Stone arch is a stone carved arch, is a decorative building. Stone arch main raw material for the white marble, bluestone, granite and so on, our country can carve a lot of stone arch manufacturers, it belongs to the dragon sculpture most professional stone arch. Stone Carving So carved stone arch with what kind of stone is good?

Stone stone carving stone archiving and ingredients are determined by the use of stone arch, decided to do what building stone, how to use, only know the stone, Stone Carving stone can be used to understand the changing law of stone quality, to ensure the quality of stone arch . Not only from the ecological understanding, from the morphological distinction, from the quality of stone to distinguish, but also from the hardware and software, carved stone processing choice to understand, to the stone selection, good and with good.

What stone carving stone arch is good Our common stone carving stone arch mainly marble, bluestone, white marble, granite, snow white and marble with a variety of markings, Stone Carving because the marble texture is delicate, moderate hardness, as well as Transparency, suitable for the performance of meticulous micro-body and texture of different shapes. It can even plant the exquisitely carved leaves of the general fine general realistic theme for this stone, with different patterns of marble is more suitable for local conditions, Stone Carving with deformation of decorative shapes and abstract sculpture will be better if Good use of patterns, will make people feel naturally into the natural beauty.

If you want to use granite stone carving stone engraving, you should know when choosing granite belongs to igneous rock, in addition to many sedimentary rocks, Stone Carving granite hard, coarse particles, many varieties, with yellow, red, green, black, gray, white And so the color, while the most black is the hardest, due to its extended resistance to weathering, the most suitable form of rough, simple outdoor large sculpture, can also be used for small sculpture, and small sculpture generally require a concise style, Stone Carving generalization. Some granite because of its own formation, the general thickness of the quarry is limited, mostly for small carving.

Because of the long stone carving arch cycle, Stone Carving working hours, so the choice of stone before carving must be careful. Because of the natural formation of stone, coupled with the inevitable destruction of the stone in the mining process, the choice must be carefully observed, Stone Carving or tapping with a hammer, the sound to determine whether the stone has dark seams, or more Serious dark seam of this stone should not be used, Stone Carving or in the engraving process once broken, they fall short.