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Stone Carving Form And Material
Jun 01, 2017

Stone Carving When it comes to sculpture, many laymen think of stone carving, because stone carving and stainless steel sculpture are the two main types of square sculpture and city sculpture, Stone Carving and the sculptures of scenic spots are basically stone carvings. Stone carving is divided into relief and round.

I. Relief

Relief is completely different from round, Stone Carving in the space performance and even the opposite of another form of stone. The so-called relief is a combination of sculpture and painting products, with a compression method to deal with objects, by perspective and other factors to show the three-dimensional space, and only for one or both sides to watch. Relief is generally attached to another plane, so use more on the building, utensils are often visible. Because of its compression characteristics, the space is small, Stone Carving so it is suitable for the decoration of various environments. In recent years, it occupies a more and more important position in the city beautification environment. Relief is as rich and colorful as round in content, form and material.

It is the main god niche, high relief, shallow relief, line carved, such as the form of hollow. Chinese ancient grotto sculpture can be summed up as a shrine sculpture, according to the different modeling techniques, but also can be divided into realism, decorative and abstract; Stone Carving High relief is the compression of small, undulating, close to round, or even a form of semicircular carving, this kind of relief contrast strongly, the visual effect is outstanding, the shallow relief compress is big, the fluctuation is small, it not only maintains a kind of building type plane, but also has the certain volume sense and the fluctuation feeling; the line is a combination of painting and sculpture, it is produced by light and shadow, and even some subtle ups and downs, Give a person a kind of elegant and subtle feeling; hollow carving is the so-called relief of the floor removed, Stone Carving resulting in a variety of negative space, and the negative space and positive space contour lines have a mutual conversion rhythm. This method used to use for doors and windows railings furniture, some for both sides to watch.

II. Round

What's round? The so-called round is not compressed, can multi-directional, multi-angle appreciation of three-dimensional sculpture. The technique and form are also various, have the realism and adornment sex, also have concrete and abstract, indoors with outdoors, on the shelf with large centennial, coloring and non-coloring, etc. sculpture content and subject matter is also colorful, can be a character, Stone Carving can also be animals, even still life, material is more colorful, there are stone, wood, metal, clay, textile, paper, plant, rubber and so on. As one of the sculpt methods of sculpture, round is widely used and is also the most common form of sculpture.