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Stone Carving Evolving
Jul 31, 2017

Many cities in the streets, the community often appear in the ancient rhyme, Stone Carving beautifully patterned stone archway. But with the continuous evolution of the times, Stone Carving the archway has gradually faded out of people's attention, Stone Carving to today want to appreciate the rich sense of art and the sense of the era of the archway to the majority of the temple area to be possible.

The structure of the archway, the earliest use of wood materials. And later with the erosion of time, people develop stone archway more durable, and the stone itself has the characteristics of vigorous and tangible, making the archaire presents a unique temperament. Stone archway early continuation of the wooden arches of the tectonic form, "single open", "three open", "five open" and so on, according to the archway between the different. Stone Carving Equipped with different roofs, single open general roof can be configured one to three roof. The "three open" archway can be configured up to seven roofs. Of course, the number of rooftops and the number of open rooms will increase the difficulty of the process. And because the stone arch of the column, Stone Carving brackets, Liang Fang all use stone structure. Stone Carving The way the construction and installation of the arch and the way there is a certain difference between the wooden.

In the follow-up development of stone archway modeling began to have many changes, especially the dynasty constantly changing, cultural characteristics continue to evolve, stone archway shape more diverse, archival symbolic meaning also increasingly rich. The emergence of a symbol of "loyalty", "benevolence", "Stone Carving chastity" and other archway. There are some differences between the temple archway, Stone Carving the temple archway is a symbol of the entrance of the holy sites of Buddhism, there is the real significance of the signs of the border; in addition to the arch of the modeling, the number of rooms or the status of the symbol of the magnificent temple archway, the greater the size of the temple, The more profound, incense more prosperous. Stone Carving While at the same time attracting more pilgrims from all over the world

 Door lion refers to the traditional building in the door set on both sides of the lions. Folk buildings are often used as gatekeepers. Due to the constraints of the regulation level constraints, in front of the house can not be placed more and more, the ancient civil construction, Stone Carving the door lions are placed in the village mouth, ancestral hall, hall, palace, garden and other places. Its intention is to avoid the fierce Nafu, town house waiting. Today, modern and more places in the museum, cultural parks, Stone Carving some of the traditional Chinese culture, Stone Carving the quality of the success of the successful people of private clubs, villas and other places. And ancient as a symbol of social status and identity, but also a manifestation of personal qualities.

Door pier lions, also known as "door pillow lion" placed on both sides of the door. Ancient for the town house evil spirits, Nafu Lucky. The door is part of the lion body, Stone Carving the door part of the door for the placement of the shaft. In fact, it is called the door and the threshold. Ancient and more used for a variety of large homes and so on. Modern is generally used for shops, Stone Carving rehabilitation of ancient homes, teahouses inside and outside the door, inside and outside the club door. Reflect the master of the culture in the taste of taste.