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Stone Carving Engraving Techniques
Aug 24, 2017

Stone decoration of the beautiful effect, not only the need for perfect carving techniques, but also need to seriously maintenance and maintenance. Stone is the product of nature, with a wide variety of classification and habits, it is "flesh and blood", will be "sick", so people need to correct control and care. Stone by the sunshine, water erosion and other natural operations and environmental pollution and environmental pollution, microclimate changes and other factors will occur powder, discoloration, mold, from a, crisp alkali, split, erosion, condensate, collapse, overturning Such as the destruction of the form.

The maintenance of stone carving has the following points:

1, stone collection should avoid sun, shelter, dust; dust will damage the natural charm of the work, it is best to be placed in a glass cabinet, both easy to watch and conducive to preservation.

2, can be used to seal the wax method, the Indian stone, Indian carved after heating a layer of thin wax, polished with a soft cloth. For some long collection, has been "faded" stone works, washed with warm water, dry, hair dryer heating, sealing wax, polish, you can make works such as new.

3, stone works should avoid corrosive liquids, to avoid violent collision.

The spatial structure of stone can be three-dimensional three-dimensional form, can also have some kind of plane form; both can be attached to a certain carrier, but also relatively independent of existence. Generally speaking, in order to meet the needs of a particular view of the ornamental needs or decoration, stone carving relative to the prominent features of the carved by the body after the compression of the two-dimensional or flat characteristics. Stone carving and carving of the difference is that it is relatively flat and three-dimensional.

The spatial form of the stone carving is the so-called compressed space between the two-dimensional virtual space possessed by the painting and the three-dimensional solid space possessed by the round carving. Compressed space limits the free development of stone space. Under the background of the plane, the physical feeling of the carving is weakened, and the virtual and illusion in painting and perspective are more adopted and achieved. Compared with the round carving, stone and more in accordance with the principles of painting to deal with space and physical relationship. However, in the pursuit of the aesthetic image of the center of the pursuit of stone carving and carving is completely consistent, different forms of movement shows only a certain appearance characteristics.