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Stone Carving Civil Architecture
Jun 14, 2017

 Lions are lions that are set on both sides of the door of traditional buildings. The folk buildings are usually used as the gatekeepers. Due to the restrictions of the level of regulation, residential doors can not be placed in the system, ancient folk buildings, Stone Carving lions are placed in villages and towns, ancestral halls, halls, Wangfu, gardens and other places. Its intention is to avoid the fierce fortune, the waiting. Today, more modern museums, cultural parks, some of the Chinese traditional culture love, the quality of the success of the elegant people private clubs, villas and other places. As in ancient times, Stone Carving it is a symbol of social status and identity, and also a manifestation of personal accomplishment.

Men Yuan Lion also called "door pillow Lion" placed on both sides of the door. Ancient used to ward off evil spirits, fortune recruit wealth. The outside part is the lion main body, Stone Carving the door part is used to place the leaf hinge. In fact, it is called the door and insert the sill. In ancient times, it was used for all kinds of large house. Modern commonly used in shops, building old houses, Stone Carving teahouse doors and outside, will be inside and outside the door. Embody the cultural heritage of the master in taste.

The top pillar of the ancient railing is called pillar, the top has many sculptures, more see is the stone lion, the traditional building is used for the stone bridge railing, temples, Taoist temple, ancestral hall, Hall front of the fence, its practicality generally as protection. Stone Carving Typical Lion of the bridge. Its shape is the representative masterpiece of the Northern Lion. Modern more for museums, private clubs, teahouses, high-grade villas of the staircase handrails pillar.

Tethered horse pile refers to the ancient North courtyard used to tie large livestock, horses or cattle stone pillar, some places called the sample column or see column, Stone Carving the stigma shape peach, lions, monkeys, figures, etc., which lions are more common, now mainly used indoors. such as a restaurant, a corner of a teahouse, the top of a staircase corner, and both sides of the corridor passage. Reveal the master's cultural heritage.

Pillar Foundation is the pillar angle props in ancient buildings, the ancient buildings are mostly wooden columns, pillars are to avoid wood pillars are damp rot. Stone Carving There are many kinds of styles. Part of it is decorated with lions. Column Foundation a circle carved with a number of lions, meaning "everything ruyi." The lion was carved with hydrangea in the middle. The implication is "the lion rolls the hydrangea, the good things keep on head". Today's modern architecture is reinforced concrete structure, its ancient practicality has been lost. So it is used for the pedestal of furnishings and flowers or for seats.

Such lions are generally placed in front of the house screen, Stone Carving or inlaid, facing the door. Basically is the face single existence. As the name suggests is the moral of the Zhai evil. Modern people used the ancient customs, more placed in the unit building in the entrance of the front porch.

Small stone carvings have shrines before the Dharma Lion, desk furnishings, as well as the folk custom to give birth to children to protect the child's "tethered Baby Lion" and so on. Modern is mostly used for furnishings.

Since the Han and Tang dynasties, the stone Lion has become the representative works of Chinese stone carving deities, has continued to be now, still deeply popular and popular with the people, and its placement techniques and ways have been evolving and improving, including the shape of the lion is also in the era of continuous evolution, until the modern, stone lions are now very rich in modelling, Stone Carving style is very many, different stone, processing technology and carving master's processing skills, and so on, the development of stone lions have a major change. Because the style has a very big change.

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