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Stone Carving Artificial Stone
Jun 28, 2017

Whether it is natural stone is still artificial stone, Stone Carving its use of the process will always show the weathering time, then the weathering time, we probably how to avoid it? This has to be made from the elements that lead to stone weathering.

  1. In some stone above the often appear, moss, Stone Carving mold and other organic spores attached to the surface of the stone, the gradual development of the beginning, constitute a wide range of stains, these organic matter and air in the carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide waiting Substances react with each other, these plants behind the water and organic acids and accelerate the aging of stone, so that the appearance of erosion of the stone.

  2. In some of the ultraviolet light, Stone Carving the water in the stone pores in the transpiration rate accelerated, and then lead to the aging of stone.

  3. The freezing and thawing effect of water can also make the weathering of stone: the temperature dropped below zero degrees Celsius, the water into ice, Stone Carving the formation of stone water after the rapid expansion of ice, so that stone disintegration fragmentation.

   So it is like to put the stone carved by the weather from its characteristics can start to deal with this problem.

 For stone, on the one hand are usually relatively large, Stone Carving on the other hand is also relatively heavy, so Quyang stone that in the process of shipment there are some things that must be noted, so as not to cause some unnecessary losses. First, take full advantage of pre-shipment preparation. As the shape of the stone to the majority of large, but also a lot of the process is relatively fine, so before shipment, Stone Carving must be very different size according to the size of the classification, so on the one hand is to facilitate the use of different shelves, But also in order to load from the time to maximize the use of space, but also relatively stable.

   Second, when loading with tools to pay attention. For large works such as Quyang stone carving, loading is usually used to crane. Because the works of modeling, Stone Carving artificial loading is unrealistic, so the use of the crane will be relatively labor-saving and time-saving. But the fixed is a very important issue, one should be fixed when the fixed, the second is not to deviate from the center of gravity. If not strong, it is likely to fall in the rise when the fall. If you deviate from the center of gravity, Stone Carving then it is easy to tilt when lifting.

   Third, personnel should pay attention to safety. Stone Carving Quyang stone because the volume is relatively large, so the entire transport process, Stone Carving the staff must pay attention to their own safety. Do not stand on the side of the stone when lifting, so as to avoid the occurrence of instability due to instability when the center was injured. At the same time, after lifting, do not stand together before the stone carved to see, so that the steel is not strong and the stone fell down to hit. Must be done, Stone Carving any time personal safety is the first, even if the stone really fell off, nor is the biggest problem, safety is the first.