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Overview Of Gems
Jan 09, 2017

Gem (gem) refers to that after thinking and polishing, can achieve the requirements of the jewelry stone or mineral assemble. The beauty of colour and lustre, high hardness, under the effect of atmospheric and chemical precious minerals doesn't change. Can be used as an instrument bearing, abrasives, ornaments, etc. Also referring to precious stones.

Ruby is the most beautiful and precious rock type of stone. Their glittering and translucent and bright color, texture, luster is bright, solid and durable, few occurrence at the same time, is a natural mineral crystal can make jewelry and other purposes, such as diamond, crystal, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and chrysoberyl (alexandrite, cat's eye), epidote, etc. There are a few is a natural mineral aggregate, such as ice chalcedony and opal. There are a handful of organic materials, such as amber, pearls, coral, jet and ivory, also including in the generalized gems.

The beauty of jade and stone. But it also has a bright color, hard and exquisite texture, after polishing with beautiful luster.