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Coral Fossil Stone Skull The Main Origin
Nov 03, 2017

The coral fossils are mainly produced in the Jialing River region bordering Sichuan Province and Shaanxi Province. They belong to the Yangtze River water system. Coral Fossil Stone Skull They are one of the major tributaries of the north bank of the Yangtze River. They are located in the northwestern part of the Sichuan Basin and run north to south. And central. The main stream from Jialing River flows from north to south and Fu River from northwest to southeast and the drainage river from northeast to southwest converge near Hechuan, Coral Fossil Stone Skull forming a huge fan-shaped river network. The water system is dendritic and the east-west direction is basically symmetrical. Jialing River tributaries of many, the basin area of 500 square kilometers and above a tributary there are 17, such as Fujiang, Bailongjiang is one of the best.

Many sections of the valley is a V-shaped step, branch or stream exit mostly alluvial cone or alluvial fan, the river flows to the upper west, lower west, Zhaohua, Hongyan area gradually widened the valley, the water began to snake winding circuitous in the riverbed There are pebbles floodplain, banks have intermittent extension of the terrace, the river gradually open from top to bottom, the water width of 70 to 800 meters, Coral Fossil Stone Skull this section of the river is characterized by the development of curved, was concave or asymmetric U-shaped, Most of the bed is pebbles, gravel covered, between bedrock exposed. Most of the Jialing River basin belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate with abundant rainfall. It belongs to the rivers with the most mudslides in Sichuan. The annual runoff is replenished by rainfall. The flood season lasted for a short time and the flood peak was high. Since the shape of the Jialing River basin is slightly fan-shaped, Confluence, aggravate the rally, often after the floods produce new mantle beach mantle.

During the Paleozoic geological period, the four coral reefs dominated. During the Mesozoic period, the six coral reefs emerged. During the Cenozoic era, there appeared the most common octagonal coral. The so-called eight coral reefs had eight octopus plates and eight tentacles. Coral Fossil Stone Skull The corals absorbed the sea by the tentacles Food, growth and development. Coral growth in the sea is extremely slow, from the growth patterns and growth lines show after the coral and petrochemical speculation, Coral Fossil Stone Skull one meter high coral animals, about the need to grow 1000 years. After the death of a coral, its body gradually replaced by free seawater CO2 and Ca2 + cations into calcium carbonate, a process called calcification also known as the petrochemical process, the result of this process makes the organic matter of animal corals become inorganic Fossil coral, Coral Fossil Stone Skull if the coral and silicon element combination, under certain conditions, coral stone jade. The density of coral stones is relatively large (generally around 2.7), and the hardness changes between 4-5. Because most varieties of marine corals are colored corals such as northern, Coral Fossil Stone Skull blue, black, Coral Fossil Stone Skull yellow and green coral, Very few, so red coral became synonymous with expensive coral, and it is the main raw material for carving art and jewelry.

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