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Coral Fossil Stone Skull Priceless
Jun 01, 2017

Coral stone body is all treasure, this is any gem can not be compared with it.

Large pieces of high-grade coral stone can be carved into a variety of priceless, small pieces of coral stone materials can be cut into rings, pendants, Coral Fossil Stone Skull earrings, necklaces and so on. Those corner scraps can grind into powder, make beauty health care products.

There are three areas of coral development in the world: one, the Mediterranean, the second, the Midway Is. Sea, three, Southeast Asia. A few days ago, the precious coral reef hidden in Shanghai's Indonesian streets comes from Indonesian waters. These polyps are not artificially processed, polished pure natural fossils, Coral Fossil Stone Skull the surface is covered with a small hole-like holes, but can still see the delicate texture and clear texture.

The red coral fossils mainly from Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi provinces at the junction of the Jialing River basin, the Jialing River is a water system, is the Yangtze River North bank, one of the main tributaries, it is located in the northwest of Sichuan Pendi, north-south direction, Coral Fossil Stone Skull from the north to the South longitudinal Sichuan Pendi Northwest and Central. The Jialing River from the north to the South and the Fujiang tributary from the northwest to the southeast Stream and the Qujiang tributary from the northeast to the southwest flow converge in the vicinity of Hechuan, forming a huge fan-shaped network, Coral Fossil Stone Skull with a dendritic shape and a basic symmetry between East and west. Many tributaries of the Jialing River, the watershed area of 500 square kilometers above the first tributary of 17, such as the Fujiang, Bailong is one of the leading

Red coral fossils is a precious gem-grade geological specimens, but also for the south slope of the Qinling Mountains and northwest Sichuan province to find oil, natural gas mineral resources have a very important reference value. Because, in determining the geologic age of strata, the method of paleontology is more intuitive than that of stratigraphy and petrology. Red coral fossils are also important science, Coral Fossil Stone Skull economic, cultural and artistic resources. To the red coral fossil resources to be very good protection, to legitimate and reasonable use of cutting can not be destroyed. On the vigorous development of the masses of ornamental stone collection, appreciation, trading industry not only to speak of the immediate economic benefits, but also to talk about sustainable growth, should avoid repeating the past of the country's precious trees, rare flowers, precious fossils of fossil resources caused by the loss, destruction. The collection of red coral fossils to know that the gentleman stone not Stone, love stone not greedy stone, really have the aura of red coral stone always love to know the real stone, Coral Fossil Stone Skull Eshi gentleman and accompanied by fate, this is playing stone, the highest state of stone appreciation. In the past, it was rumored that someone had collected a collection of odd stones and hundreds of tons of ornamental stones, explaining the ignorance and greed of these people, and that they did not know the true love stone and the stone.