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Agate Crystal Skull The Style Of The Past
Oct 17, 2017

With the help of the local Maya, the expedition finally found an ancient Mayan city site in Belize, a deserted tropical jungle in Central America today. It was an ancient city submerged by vines and trees, Agate Crystal Skull and the expedition took a whole year to make the ancient city show its former mien.

The appearance of the Crystal Skull not only makes the expedition team not know its origin, only listen to the locals say that the Crystal skull named "米歇尔·黑吉斯 Crystal Skull" specific do not know, archaeologists have carried out several studies have not found the right answer.

The skull's material is made of crystals, and therefore is also known as the Crystal Skull, and the ancient Indian legend states that if these skulls were set together, Agate Crystal Skull they would be able to connect all worlds.

Indian historian Redrivis found traces of the crystal skull in some Indian ruins, which were discovered by British adventurers in Guatemala in 1924, when there was an ancient Mayan site. As the most important civilization in Central America, the age of the Mayan ruins is still young, Agate Crystal Skull and the ancient Indians have entered the American continent through the Bering Strait, and formed three great civilizations.

British adventurer Mitchell-Hegis in the British Honduran jungle in the 1920, and in the jungles bordering Guatemala to find the ruins of the Indians, which was once hailed as the city of the fallen stone, was eventually burned.

Now that the Crystal Skull is out of sight, it is commented that the Crystal skull is not actually made of crystals, but the use of metals refined by the early Indians, Agate Crystal Skull as well as some supernatural powers about the Crystal Skull, are limited to messages.

There is a crystal skull, transparent and luminous, Agate Crystal Skull that is the energy that connects the universe. There are 4 guardians out there. There are many different channels in the pyramid that can reach another space, mural painting is another space, you can stand in the channel to see, the skull light to the required space, the channel to the original forest, the seabed, there is a temple, Agate Crystal Skull through these channels to transport energy out.

There was also a tall blonde with white skin to see her, very friendly, should be extraterrestrial life.

The case sensed that her life was divided into two parts, part of the pyramid in The Guardian, part of the Earth reincarnation, during several lifetimes to see the pyramids, Agate Crystal Skull when people find the pyramid again, it will open people's memories, that place will be like a big park for people to enjoy, where the guardian of life can be left.