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Agate Crystal Skull Incomprehensible
Jun 01, 2017

Agate Crystal Skull Although the incomprehensible achievements of Mayan culture have long been heard, the Crystal skull that was discovered in the 1927 Mayan temple in Central America is still shocking. The skull was carved with crystals, 12.7 centimeters high, weighing 5.2 kilograms, as real as a head, carved from the head of a woman.

According to Mayan legends, the Crystal Skull has a magical power, is the Mayan Temple of God's important tool for divination, so far more than 1000 years of history, Agate Crystal Skull experts have studied the surface of the skull and its internal structure, affirmation of its history is very long, is indeed the legacy of the Maya era artifacts.

But what puzzled the researchers was that the crystal head was very lifelike. Not only the appearance, but also the internal structure is consistent with the human skull skeleton structure. And the craft level is extremely high, hides in the basal prism and the eye socket uses the hand-crafted lens piece to combine, Agate Crystal Skull discovers the dazzling brightness.

We know that modern optics came into being in the 17th century, and that human beings accurately understand their skeletal structure is a matter after the rise of anatomy in the 18th century.

This crystal skull is carved on the basis of a very understanding of the human skeleton and optical principles, how did the Maya master these profound anatomical and optical knowledge more than 1000 years ago?

Also, crystal is quartz crystal, its hardness is very high, second only to diamonds (that is, gold and steel stone) and corundum, with copper, iron or stone tools, Agate Crystal Skull can not process it. Even modern people, to carve such a crystal products, but also the use of gold and steel stone tools.

And more than 1000 years ago, the Mayans did not know iron-smelting, Agate Crystal Skull and what tools they use to process the crystal skull? Have they already mastered some of the techniques we don't know now?

From this bizarre crystal skull, perhaps the Maya had a much superior science and technology than we had imagined. But how did they get these technologies? This is more of a mystery.

The Crystal Skull has a hypnotic effect. Scientists believe that crystal is a magical thing, its crystal clear texture is very easy to fascinate, coupled with the shape of the skull is more likely to produce hypnotic effect, because the average person to see the skull is easy to associate with death and death, the crystal is carved into the skull of the appearance, the scientists believe that the crystal would have the hypnotic effect of a sudden increase, so easy to be hinted at the person will be hypnotized by it, Agate Crystal Skull produce auditory hallucinations, the illusion, then the Crystal Skull has hypnotic role is very natural thing.

In 2005, a survey report made it seem as if it had been deceived by a huge lie. What the hell is going on? In January 2005, a shocking archaeological event took place: The Crystal skull of the Mexican Gouazteque in Britain's British Museum was officially identified by scientists as a forgery and an uproar in the archaeological world.

The Crystal skull, which was treasured by Britain's British Museum, was allegedly first discovered at the Gouazteque site in Mexico. The scientists found that the crystal skull was polished and cut with wheeled tools, and that the technology did not exist at the time of the Americas, and people were suspicious. Agate Crystal Skull Michelle Heggis Skull Naturally became the first person to challenge the object.

Although the origins of the two skulls are different, the overall shape is very similar and is modeled on a female skull, the difference is that the skull of the British Museum is a whole crystal, and the jaws of the Michelle Heggis skull are independent, detachable and more refined, but the astonishing similarity between the two skulls makes it hard to believe that they are made independently.