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Agate Crystal Skull The historical development
Jul 21, 2017

Maya crystal skull is 1924, that the British archaeologist 17-year-old daughter Anna.Agate Crystal Skull Michelle - Hercules in the British Honduras (now Belize) Maya city Lubantum found. It has at least 3600 years of history, using a crystal chiseled. Is also found in the most exquisite, Agate Crystal Skull and only one jaw bone can be active crystal head.

There are legends that one day people will find all the crystal skull, put them together, they will speak and sing. This legend circulated in the Americas for thousands of years. All the time, people think it is just a beautiful myth or the day and night talk about it, Agate Crystal Skull no one knows what the legendary crystal skull in the end is what, from the content of the legend, it is like an all-inclusive information base, but also like An omniscient book, but people know nothing about it, and even doubt its existence.

19th century British Mike Michel Hicks organized an adventure, starting from Liverpool in 1924, Agate Crystal Skull along the waterway to the Central American British Handris. But convinced of this legend, although no one has ever found those legendary crystal skull. Until 1927, with the help of the locals, in the rainforest finally found an ancient Mayan city ruins. This is a ruins and trees flooded the ancient city, Agate Crystal Skull the expedition with a full year, only to make this ancient city to show its former style.

Crystal skull turned out, affecting the world archaeologists. They compared the crystal skull and the real human skull and found that in addition to the eye features slightly biased in the normal range of human beings, Agate Crystal Skull the other parameters are the same with the real human skull, Agate Crystal Skull a Maya old man told Michelle this crystal skull at least A history of 100,000 years, is to commemorate a great Mayan priest and produced. (So he decided to give the skull to the Maya, from Maya to Michelle Thanksgiving, Agate Crystal Skull for more than three years, every day, the skull around the bonfire, Agate Crystal Skull never extinguished.

But not many people believe him this statement. Agate Crystal Skull Scientists try to figure out the exact production time, but the physical properties of quartz crystals determine that it will never be known. Agate Crystal Skull In addition, the skull face on both sides of the bottom of each have a small circular groove, making the jaw can be connected with the head, but also like the human skull jaw as free tension. Agate Crystal Skull Carved exquisite teeth, lines smooth cheekbones, all show the producers of a thorough understanding of human anatomy.

So far, mankind has found a total of 21 crystal bones, Agate Crystal Skull according to the legend of the contents of the crystal skull hidden in the human origin and death of the secret information, can help humans solve the mystery of the universe life, Agate Crystal Skull if it is true, then it will What is the way to tell people these secrets? Is it that one day it will really speak? Scientists certainly will not believe. They think that if the legend is true, then the crystal skull is likely to be a storage of confidential information on the information memory, in layman's terms, is a hard drive. Scientists have done this experiment, they put the crystal as a storage medium for information, with some information to write in the laser, Agate Crystal Skull after a period of time and then use it to restore it, the data inside intact. Experiments show that if in thousands of years, tens of thousands of years ago, someone put the data into the crystal skull, it can still be saved to today.