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Agate Crystal Skull History
Jul 10, 2017

Maya crystal head is 1924, Agate Crystal Skull a British archaeologist 17-year-old daughter Anna. Michelle Hirsch is found in the Mayan city of Lubantum in the British Honduras (now Belize). It has at least 3600 years of history and is chiseled with a crystal. It is so far found the most refined, Agate Crystal Skull and only - a jaw bone can be active crystal head.

If December 21, Agate Crystal Skull 2012 is the end of the world, this will be guilty to a German who, this week, in his own laboratory accidentally by a German Nazi leader of the World War II collection of Maya skull broken.

In a bizarre legend, the Mayan skull was stolen by the German Nazi in the Himalayas, believers believe that the skull has a mysterious magic, Agate Crystal Skull to ensure that human survival in the world of catastrophe. But it is unfortunate that this precious Mayan skull was accidentally dropped to the ground in the photo shoot this week, split into pieces.

For some people, Agate Crystal Skull this is a catastrophic event that heralds the end of the world! But some people suggested that people do not have to panic and keep calm before continuing the life. "Agate Crystal Skull This may make some people's lives turbulent, and suddenly the Mayan skull fell on the ground, and the larger part of the chin was broken," said an eyewitness who witnessed the crash of the Mayan skull. It is very unfortunate. "

The historian Thomas Ritter holds the Mayan skull, and he says the Mayan skull is the family of a British soldier who arrested the Nazi SS Commander Heinrich Himmler in 1945 Gave it, Agate Crystal Skull it is learned that Himmler control the Gestapo, had slaughtered 6 million Jewish residents.

Ritter stressed that I think the accident will not cause "the gods of anger", Agate Crystal Skull the world after December 22, 2012 will continue.

The Mayan skull has more than 1,000 years of history, it is one of Maya cultural relics, allegedly Maya skull has a certain magic. Maya skull weighs 3 pounds, Agate Crystal Skull is composed of volcanic rocks, Agate Crystal Skull during the Second World War was seized by the German Nazi, 1937-1939 was sent to the Himalayas, where to find the lost city - Shangri-La.

Ritter said: "The German Nazis firmly believe that there are 13 Maya skulls, who have these skulls, will be able to control the whole world." Himmler died on May 23, 1945, Agate Crystal Skull taking poisonous capsules and died.

The Maya produced 13 Maya skulls, Agate Crystal Skull nine of which were painted in color, representing the human race and the other four skulls as glass, representing the animals walking, crawling, peristating and flying, respectively.

In the field of astronomy and mathematics quite accomplished Maya accurate calculation of the "end of the world" date, Agate Crystal Skull 2012 winter solstice - December 21.