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Agate Crystal Skull Has Been Circulating
Jun 28, 2017

Agate Crystal Skull The expedition team, with the help of the local Maya, discovered an ancient Mayan city ruins. 17-year-old Anna is also excited about all the immediate, she carefully climbed the highest point of the castle pyramid top, a glimpse of the tropical jungle gorgeous scenery. Anna is looking at the scenery, Agate Crystal Skull she suddenly found the pyramid cracks in the depths of a thing shining. She immediately told the father, Michelle with all the members of the expedition boarded the top of the pyramid, and finally plan to accommodate a small man out of the hole, Anna alone into the bottom of the hole, Anna found a treasure Whole body transparent crystal skull of the upper part, Michelle ordered the players to continue digging. 3 months later, Agate Crystal Skull they are 25 feet away and found the second half of the crystal skull, two skulls together, just with the real size of the human skull.

In accordance with established practice, Michelle will be the crystal skull dedicated to the local residents of the leader. And when Michelle's expedition is about to return to England, Agate Crystal Skull the local leader will give the crystal skull to Michelle, Agate Crystal Skull to return the expedition to provide them with drugs and food help. Later, people put the skull called "Michelle Heredges crystal skull"

 In the Native American, Agate Crystal Skull there has been an ancient legend. Legend tells the story of their ancestors left in the world thirteen pieces and the real size of the skull will speak, Agate Crystal Skull can sing the crystal skull. They firmly believe that these ancestors left the skull contains important information about human origin, development and death, and even can help people solve many unsolved mysteries.

At first, Agate Crystal Skull the author only to this legend as a magical story, and did not care. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, when there was a crystal skull in the ancient Maya ruins were found, Agate Crystal Skull they suddenly began to believe that perhaps there is such a magical skull. And when several other skulls were found, they realized the value of the incident, and immediately began to investigate the matter.

 In the course of an in-depth investigation, Agate Crystal Skull the author of the book found more and more strange about the crystal skull, in order to unlock the truth of these science can not explain the truth, they had to be found from the crystal skull began to investigate from scratch. Agate Crystal Skull During the investigation, they visited a wide variety of characters, including wizards, witch doctors, UFO experts, scientists, archaeologists and mystics, and so on ...

Crystal skull turned out, affecting the world's archaeologists nerve. They compared the crystal skull and the real human skull and found that in addition to the eye features slightly biased in the normal range of human beings, the other parameters are almost the same as the real human skull ...

In addition, the skull surface on both sides of the bottom of each have a small circular groove, making the mandibular can be linked with the head, Agate Crystal Skull but also like the human skull jaw as free tension. Carved exquisite teeth, lines smooth cheekbones, all show the producers of a thorough understanding of human anatomy.

However, crystal is one of the highest hardness materials in the world, with copper, Agate Crystal Skull iron or stone tools are unable to process it, and more than 1,000 years ago, the Maya is the use of what tools? In addition, this pure and transparent crystal although the hardness is high, Agate Crystal Skull but the texture is crisp and fragile, the scientists infer: to thousands of years ago to make it out, Agate Crystal Skull it may only be very fine sand and water slowly From a large crystal stone polished down, and the producers to 24 hours a day to polish 300 years in order to complete such a masterpiece masterpiece.