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Agate Crystal Skull Exquisite Cleanliness
Oct 25, 2017

The Maya Crystal Skull was a fascinating discovery of the archaeological world. In 1927, explorers 米切尔·海吉斯 discovered a Mayan crystal skull in the Rubaneton ancient city of Central America, Agate Crystal Skull a crystal skull that was exquisitely clean and carved on the basis of a very understanding of the structure and optics of human bones, almost identical in shape and structure to the human skull.

Although the incomprehensible achievements of Mayan culture have long been heard, Agate Crystal Skull the Crystal skull that was discovered in the 1927 Mayan temple in Central America was still a shocking one.

The skull was carved with crystals, 12.7 centimeters high, Agate Crystal Skull weighing 5.2 kilograms, Agate Crystal Skull as real as a head, carved from the head of a woman. After more than 1000 years of history, experts have studied the surface of the skull and its internal structure, affirming its long history and indeed the legacy of the Maya era.

There is an ancient legend in the American Indians that there are 13 of crystal skulls in ancient times and that can speak and sing. These crystal skulls conceal information about the origins and deaths of humans,Agate Crystal Skull helping to unravel the mysteries of life.

The scientists compared the Crystal skull to the real human skull and found that other parameters were not the same as the real human skull, except that the eye features were slightly above the normal human range. We know that modern optics came into being in the 17th century, Agate Crystal Skull and that human beings accurately understand their skeletal structure is a matter after the rise of anatomy in the 18th century.

It is said that the Crystal Skull has a hypnotic function, if a close stare at the Crystal skull of the eye, not a long time people will feel sleepy, the legend of the skull is the Maya for the patient to hypnotize patients for surgery.

In addition, Crystal is one of the highest hardness materials in the world, with copper, Agate Crystal Skull iron or stone tools can not process it, and more than 1000 years ago, the Maya used what tools? In addition, this pure and transparent crystal, although the hardness is very high, but the texture is brittle and fragile.

In 2008, a team of British and American scientists used electron microscopy and X-ray crystallization techniques to test the crystal skulls collected in the British Museum and the Smithsonian Museum, Agate Crystal Skull with detailed analysis of the surface of the skull showing a tiny rotation of scratches near the orbital, Agate Crystal Skull teeth and skull, It is clear that this cutting and grinding technique originates from a jewellery processing device called a rotary wheel.

It is clear that the ancient Maya did not master the processing technology, a tool that did not exist on the American continent of the former Columbus era, and the researchers deduced that the crystal skulls were manufactured in Europe and then sold to collectors on the mysterious relics of the ancient Maya Aztec.