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Agate Crystal Skull Bone Structure
Nov 03, 2017

Crystal Human Skull is made of quartz stone to complete the human skull model. Agate Crystal Skull Before 2008, these models were once claimed by some museums as being made by ancient Aztecs or Mayas in the Americas. But the evidence shows that the actual completion of the era was around the mid-1800s. No model has been excavated by archaeologists yet.

Although people have long been aware of the incomprehensible achievements of the Mayan culture, the crystal head discovered in the Mayan temple of Honduras in Central America in 1927 still can not but be alarmed. The head of the carved with crystal, 12.7 cm high, weighing 5.2 kg, the size of human head, Agate Crystal Skull is carved in accordance with the head of a woman. Until now, over a thousand years of history, experts have been studying the surface of the skull and its internal structure, certainly its history is very long, indeed remains of the legacy of the Mayan era.

Scientists compared crystal skulls to real human skulls and found that except for the eye features that are slightly beyond the normal range of humans, Agate Crystal Skull all other parameters are quite different from real human skulls. We know that the modern optics came into being in the seventeenth century, and it is even more important for human beings to know their skeleton accurately after the rise of anatomy in the eighteenth century.

It is said that the crystal skull hypnotic function, if a crystal staring at the eye of the skull at a time when not many people will feel drowsy, the legendary skull is the Mayan hypnosis patients surgery.

In addition, the crystal is one of the most hard materials in the world, with copper, Agate Crystal Skull iron or stone tools can not be processed it, and the Maya people more than 1000 years ago is the use of what tools? In addition, this pure and transparent crystal though High hardness, but the texture is brittle and fragile.

Scientists deduce that if they were to be made thousands of years ago, they could only be slowly polished from a large crystal stone with very fine sand and water, Agate Crystal Skull and producers would need to polish them 300 hours a day Years, to complete such a masterpiece masterpieces.

Crystal head can also stimulate the human brain central nervous system, people produce five kinds of feeling: taste, touch, smell, vision and hearing. As people look at their skulls, Agate Crystal Skull their color and clarity change dramatically, while a scent is emitted; Agate Crystal Skull it makes the viewer hear the sound, entertaining and thirsty. Those who are standing in front of crystal head quietly have these feelings, while the body and face will feel some pressure. If a sensible person puts his hand near his head, Agate Crystal Skull he will feel a special tremor and thrust, and the feeling of hot and cold of the hand varies depending on the position of the skull.