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The classification of the crystal
Jan 09, 2017

After introduced the crystal of scientific analysis and validation, let's take a look at the classification of crystal, crystal classification is multifarious, generally can be divided roughly into three categories:

Crystalline Varieties show crystal class

We see at ordinary times by multiple hexagonal crystal column (hexagonal system) to generate a bunch of crystal clusters and is belong to the Crystalline Varieties show crystal class, such as white crystal, amethyst, citrine, powder, and development, such as tiger's eye are such.

Crypto crystalline Varieties aphanitic class

Aphanitic class and a crystal appearance, not into clusters of hexagonal crystal, but they are also of hexagonal system. But we can not be observed with the naked eye they hexagonal crystal, because the volume of a crystal is very small, needs to open the door to be seen under the microscope to assist hexagonal crystal. And this kind of crystal is very smooth, because crystalline hydrated silica "between a fill, agate belongs to such.

Special Varieties Special classes

This kind of Crystal and Crystal respectively is very big, difficult to return to class Crystal or aphanitic, so go for special classes, such as crystallization of rocky Skeeton strange Crystal (backbone) Crystal, Crystal in the landscape pattern of stars like the Phantom Crystal (such as the Phantom Crystal) are summed up as such.