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The causes of the formation of pebbles
Jan 09, 2017

The pebble is after a long time, gradually formed

Due to crustal movement, such as the vibration of the natural force weathering, after flash floods hit again, repeatedly rolling friction between water transport and sandstone, finally formed a lovely roundy pebble.

The formation process of pebble can be divided into two phases, the first stage is rock weathering, collapse stage; The second stage is the rock in the river is the river moving and moon phase.

Contains the pebble stones, the forming reason is broken rock, only long distance transport make edges disappear, forming a garden or oval stones (or called the pebble and gravel), then through cementing rock known as the gravel.

Originally, thick and big rock, but after ten million years the rain erosion and collide with each other, each other becomes transparent pieces of meijia pebbles.