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Natural crystal and artificial crystal
Jan 09, 2017

Crystal can be divided into natural crystal and artificial crystal. Our country has rich resources of natural crystal, but the rise of domestic crystal hot starts from artificial crystal. The value of natural crystal, lies in its ore magnetic field on the human body functions.

(1) natural purple crystal color distribution, irregular patchy distribution, lack of fluid inclusions; Artificial purple crystal color uniform, and son crystal nucleus in the center.

(2) the natural crystal and topaz and smoky quartz wait for color, if orange is blue, is through the artificial breathing. Changing color crystal with natural crystal, is the difference between a natural crystal bright color uniform, one can't see the irregular flake chromophore. Artificial natural crystal print use slightly after long time gradually fade, losing decoration and appreciation value.

(3) the observation of the sun, natural crystal act the role ofing is tasted however senior, can see the light even tiny horizontal stripes or catkin texture, and false crystal is usually with defect crystal or glass melting slag regeneration, and the polishing coloring imitation, toward the sun can't see the stripes and catkin texture evenly.

(4) natural crystal act the role ofing is tasted in the sun no matter from which point of view, can emit a beautiful light, but not for false water act the role ofing is tasted the splendor.

(5) natural crystal refractive index is 1.54, False small crystal refractive index is generally less than 1, (there is wrong, no refractive index less than 1. The refractive index is to show the propagation velocity of light in a vacuum and is in a medium transmission ratio (the ratio must be greater than 1). And the refractive index of glass between 1.5 to 1.9, not from the true and false) or associated with the refractive index of natural crystal. Crystal is good quartz crystals, mostly colorless, transparent, a little because it contains a variety of trace elements in different colors. It is transparent, high hardness, good refraction, using high quality natural crystal processing system.